Thousands of birds slaughtered in South Korea avian flu outbreak

About 90,000 birds have been killed in South Korea as a precautionary measure against avian influenza, or bird flu.
The slaughter comes after local authorities determined they might have been exposed to a strain of bird flu spreading from migratory birds, Yonhap news agency reported.

Could Revelation 4 Be the Key to Understanding 'Alien Sightings'?

There are a couple of additional points about the throne of God in Revelation 4 that we should consider. As we touched on before, we see many different beings in the heavenly or spiritual realm in Scripture. One point to consider is that Satan was only able to draw a third of the angels to follow him in rebellion. Some think that because one-third of the angels fell and two-thirds did not, the good outnumbers the bad 2-1. This is far from the case.
Angels are the spiritual beings we are most familiar with because they are the primary messenger beings we interact with, but there are many other types of spiritual beings. None of the other spiritual beings fell, and so the good in the spiritual realm outnumber the bad by an incalculable number. But it is not really about numbers. If all but God had fallen, His goodness would still far outweigh all of the fallen.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announces private citizen moonshot

In a press briefing Monday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced that a private mission around the moon is scheduled for 2018.

“Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,” the company said in a press release.

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Pope suggests 'better to be atheist than hypocritical Catholic'

Pope Francis delivered another criticism of some members of his own Church on Thursday, suggesting it is better to be an atheist than one of "many" Catholics who he said lead a hypocritical double life.

In improvised comments in the sermon of his private morning Mass in his residence, he said: "It is a scandal to say one thing and do another. That is a double life."

UFO sightings are at an all-time high

Monfort collated sightings recorded by the National UFO Reporting Centre, a US organisation that records sightings worldwide, from the beginning of the 20th century.
And there's been a bit of an upward trend...
Interestingly though, Sam has observed that spotting of flying saucers have been on the downturn, despite the rise in sightings over all.

Annular solar eclipse on February 26, 2017 – Ring of fire around the Moon

This annular solar eclipse is located in Aquarius Constellation. But, due to precession of the equinoxes, the eclipse actually falls within the Pisces sign. Dominated by the spiritual planet Neptune, this particular eclipse can bring good fortune, and lasting happiness.
In order to get some of that fortune and happiness for yourself, use this time to focus on what you want to bring into your life and relationships.

Why Is NASA Using The Discovery Of 7 New Earth-Sized Planets To Promote The Idea That Alien Life May Exist?

NASA told us in advance that there would be a huge announcement on Wednesday, and it certainly was not a disappointment.  NASA’s declaration that 7 new Earth-sized planets had been discovered approximately 40 light years away from our sun made headlines all over the globe, and the Internet immediately started buzzing with lots of discussions about the possibility that these newly discovered worlds may have life on them.  This isn’t the kind of thing that I normally write about on The Economic Collapse Blog, but some of the things that were being said by the scientists involved in this discovery seemed quite odd.  It is one thing to say that some new planets have been found, but it is another thing entirely to start speculating about life on those planets.  With each new discovery that is made, why does it always seem like NASA is trying to promote the idea that alien life may exist somewhere out there?  Could it be possible that they are trying to mentally prepare us for something?

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More than 300 earthquakes hit Noves de Segre, Spain

This is exactly what happened just before the deadly M6.5 earthquake that hit the region in 1428, killing hundreds in Amer, Olot, Camprodón and Puigcerda. Sign of the next regional ‘Big One’?

Pentagon officials: Russian actions a 'test of the new administration'

Some Pentagon officials believe Russia is testing President Donald Trump with aggressive moves across the globe.
Moscow recently deployed a banned land-based cruise missile, dispatched a spy ship up the Atlantic coast and buzzed an American warship in the Black Sea.

United Nations Has Turned a Blind Eye to Christian Genocide in Middle East

The United Nations is in hot water with Christian groups for turning a blind eye to the thousands of religious minorities through out the Middle East who have reportedly died in mass numbers at the hands of ISIS. The recent claims made by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and its European affiliate, the European Centre for Law and Justice (ELLJ) come months after the organizations submitted a detailed report explaining the persecution of Christians in Iraq and Syria to the United Nations Human Rights Council (OHCR), a division of the global power that is dedicated to preserving “human dignity” for all. 

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USGS records small Earthquakes near #OrovilleDam

Two small Earthquakes were recorded near Lake Oroville in the last 24 hrs, which appear to be a result of the fast level lake level changes, and the subsequent release of pressure from water weight.

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The Earth is being torn apart! Giant sinkholes and massive cracks generate anxiety among residents around the world

The Earth is being torn apart! Fissures, cracks, and sinkholes violently appear and scar the landscape. And all the following examples just leave a strong impression of how fragile and changeable our Earth really is… And the human race too! A Huge sinkhole swallows part of road in Vladivostok, Russia. A vast sinkhole estimated to be 15 meters wide and 20 meters deep Has caused a major road collapse in the city of Vladivostok in Russia’s the Far East. 

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Los Angeles area braces for what could be biggest storm of the season; flooding, mudslides possible

A powerful new storm is expected to arrive in Southern California on Friday, and it could provide a walloping, with possible flash flooding, mudslides and rock slides

"The Friday storm in particular could in fact become the strongest of the season in the Los Angeles region," said UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain. 

A slow-moving storm is expected to debut in the Southland with some light rain Thursday night or Friday morning, but is expected to dump large amounts of rain in a short time frame during its peak Friday afternoon and evening, said Ryan Kittell, a forecaster with the National Weather Servicein Oxnard. 

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Temple of Ba’al Arch Erected for World Government Summit in Dubai

A replica of a Roman arch that once stood in front of the pagan Temple of Ba’al was erected for the World Government Summit in Dubai this week, creating a scene that one rabbi claims symbolizes the dangerous fusion of Ishmael and Edom against Israel.
The original Roman Victory Arch stood for 1,800 years in Palmyra, Syria, until it was destroyed by ISIS in October 2015. A full-size 28-meter tall replica of the arch was created last year by the Institute for Digital Archeology, a joint project of Oxford and Harvard universities, and has been displayed twice before.


Radiation at Japan's Fukushima Reactor Is Now at 'Unimaginable' Levels

The radiation levels at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant are now at "unimaginable" levels. 

Adam Housley, who reported from the area in 2011 following the catastrophic triple-meltdown, said this morning that new fuel leaks have been discovered.

The Era Of Human-Animal Hybrid Chimeras Has Begun

Human-animal mutant creatures make for great material for science fiction writers, but we aren’t supposed to be creating them in the real world. In so many ways, the technological advancements that we have made as a society are outpacing our ability to handle those advancements, and this field is certainly a glaring example of that reality. 

Just because we can create human-animal hybrid chimeras does not mean that we should. Genetic modification is a particularly dangerous science, because we are literally tinkering with the future of our planet. 

And when it comes to humans and animals, those are two things that definitely should not mix. Unfortunately, they are being mixed, and this could have enormous implications as our society plunges into a very uncertain future.

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Leonard Ravenhill's Son: US Persecution Levels Could Be a Sign of the Second Coming

Will strong persecution come to North America in our lifetime?  Seasoned preacher and Christian author David Ravenhill believes it will. He states that in his lifetime, we could see the "underground Church" start in North America because of persecution.
Currently around the world, persecution against believers in Jesus Christ is on the rise. Many churches' theology leaves out the possibility of persecution, because in their lifetimes, they did not have any

Oroville Dam: Crews work into the night to bolster eroded spillway as next storm approaches

Crews worked into the night Wednesday to shore up the emergency spillway at troubled Oroville Dam, racing to fortify the structure before the next series of storms, the first of which was forecast to hit before midnight.
Three storm systems will move into Northern California during the next six days, according to the National Weather Service. The first system will drop about an inch of rain in the Oroville area between 10 p.m. Wednesday and 4 p.m. Thursday. Greater amounts of precipitation will fall in the mountains northeast of the reservoir.

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Scientists Find 60 New Planets - Could a 'Super Earth' Be Among Them?

Scientists say they could be close to finding another planet able to support life.
The news comes after researchers report discovering 60 new planets near Earth. And according to Independent, a team of international scientists found 54 more potential planets, making that 114 planets total.
At least one of those planets could be similar to Earth, with conditions able to support life. Researchers say one of the exoplanets, known as Gliese 411-b, is a hot "super Earth." It has a rocky surface and is in the fourth nearest star system to our own.

Enormous pit of melting carbon the size of Mexico discovered under US

A reservoir of melting carbon covering an area almost the size of Mexico has been discovered beneath the western US, casting doubt over previous estimates of carbon levels inside the Earth.

The discovery was made by a team from the University of Royal Holloway London using the world’s largest array of seismic sensors that identified the carbon from vibrations generated in Earth’s upper mantle.

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Historic Cave Discovery in Israel Renews Hopes of Finding More Dead Sea Scrolls

For the first time in over 60 years, researchers have discovered a cave near the Dead Sea that once housed ancient scrolls, renewing archaeologists’ hopes that additional Dead Sea Scrolls may be waiting to be found.
Seventy years ago, Bedouin shepherds famously discovered ancient scrolls within caves near the Dead Sea. Widely recognized as one of history’s most important archaeological finds, the hundreds of Dead Sea Scrolls found within the caves near Qumran gave scholars an unprecedented collection of ancient biblical texts—some of which were 1,000 years older than any other such manuscripts in existence.

Dozens of dead owls showing up along I-84: 'It's like they fell from the sky'

Dozens of dead owls have been reported by drivers along Interstate-84 in southern Idaho making for an eerie stretch of road.
Over the weekend, Nichole Miller and Christina White of Boise were driving home to Boise from Twin Falls when they spotted some road kill along the interstate.
"I saw a bird on the side of the road -- I thought it was a chicken," Miller said. "But then we saw more (road kill) and I saw the stripes on the feathers and it was not a chicken."

102 from 'lost tribe' set to immigrate from India

Another 102 members of the Bnei Menashe Jewish community, which claims descent from one of Israel’s lost tribes, are being brought on Aliyah this week by Shavei Israel, a Jerusalem-based nonprofit that aims to strengthen ties between the Jewish people and descendants of Jews around the world.

The 102 new immigrants all hail from the northeastern Indian state of Mizoram, which borders Burma and Bangladesh and is home to the second-largest concentration of Bnei Menashe in India after that of the state of Manipur. This marks the first time since Jan. 2014 that Bnei Menashe will be making Aliyah from Mizoram. Thirty of the new immigrants will arrive in Israel on Tuesday, Feb. 14, and 72 will arrive on Thursday, Feb. 16. They plan to settle in the Galilee city of Nazareth Illit which already has a flourishing Bnei Menashe community.

3rd dead whale found after washing ashore in Virginia Beach

A male juvenile humpback whale was found washed ashore Sunday morning near 80th Street in Virginia Beach. The whale had suffered propeller wounds.
Matt Klepeisz, a spokesman for the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, said the whale had been reported off the Cape Henry area on Saturday morning and came ashore either Saturday night or Sunday morning at 80th Street.

Oarfish washes up before deadly M6.5 earthquake in the Philippines. Can animals predict earthquakes?

The earthquake that jolted Surigao del Norte on Friday night jogged the memory of some people on social media, who were saying an incident two days prior could’ve served as a sign for the disaster that was about to strike.
On Wednesday, a 10-foot-long dead oarfish was caught by fishermen off the coast of Agusan del Norte.
To some, deep-sea creatures such as oarfish that end up in shallow water are a good predictor of earthquakes.

Mysteries of Ark’s Journey Revealed as Excavation Begins at Site of Ark of Covenant

This summer, archaeologists will begin the first-ever excavation of the major Biblical site where the Ark of the Covenant was kept for two decades before King David conveyed it to Jerusalem.
The site, known in Hebrew as Kiryat Ye’arim and often transliterated at Kiriath Jearim, is mentioned over a dozen times in the Bible as a Judean town near Jerusalem during the period of Biblical history associated with the judges and King David. Today, it remains one of the last such Biblical landmarks unstudied.


Huge Sinkhole Opens at Highest Dam in the U.S.

Update: Though the Califormia Department of Water Resources previously insisted there was no danger to the surrounding towns, 188,000 people have now been evacuated from the nearby area as water levels continued to rise and overflow the spillway. The situation stabilized late Sunday night, February 12, but roads were clogged as residents continued to attempt to leave.
After a year of heavy rains, California’s Lake Oroville—home to the country’s tallest dam—has almost reached its maximum capacity, and its infrastructure is feeling the strain.

Tsipras hits back at IMF, Germany over debt impasse

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday warned the International Monetary Fund and EU economic powerhouse Germany to stop playing with fire over his country's debt problems.
Opening a meeting of his far-left Syriza party, Tsipras said he was confident a solution over repayments would be found, despite talks between Greece and its creditors ending in Brussels with no breakthrough on Friday.

Biblical plague of locusts devastates 1,000 hectares of crops in Bolivia – State of emergency

The swarm of locusts first appeared two weeks ago about 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of the eastern city of Santa Cruz. It has spread fast and is now about 18 miles (30 kilometers) from Bolivia’s largest city.

Bolivia’s Eastern Agriculture Chamber estimates more than 2,700 acres (1,100 hectares) of corn, sorghum and beans have already been destroyed by the locusts. Authorities fear the locusts will reach the breadbasket region that supplies more than 80 percent of Bolivia’s food unless there is extensive fumigation.

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Emergency: California’s Oroville Dam Spillway Near Failure, Evacuations Ordered

The Oroville Dam is the highest in the nation.
An emergency alert issued on Facebook stated:
EMERGENCY EVACUATION ORDER ISSUED: Officials are anticipating a failure of the Auxiliary Spillway at Oroville Dam within the next 60 minutes. Residents of Oroville should evacuate in a northward direction, toward Chico. Other cities should follow the orders of their local law enforcement.

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“I’ve grown up with the stories, so I know how rare and valuable the red heifer is,” Rabbi Benny “Bentsion” Hershcovich told Breaking Israel News. “I’ve never seen a red heifer, and I never expected to see one. My heart literally jumped when I saw it.”
Where did he see it?
Hershcovich is a rabbi in Baja, Mexico.