Pope Francis: Satan’s Been Misunderstood, Let’s Give Him A Chance

Pope Francis recently declared Satan as the real God during a ceremony with Pope John Paul the 1st and Pope John Paul the 2nd.There have been lots of Youtube videos which claim that the Pope including a group of Catholics, including many Cardinals, are actually citing a prayer that clearly uses the word 'Lucifer'.  Is this a conspiracy theory that merely the product of a simple mistranslation taken out of context? 

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President Obama praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as “a man of action” and one of the five world leaders with whom he had the strongest bond. President Trump met with him at the White House last spring.
And certainly Erdogan has tried to portray himself to Western leaders as a pragmatist with whom they can work.

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Russia Sharply Expanding Nuclear Arsenal, Upgrading Underground Facilities

Russia is aggressively building up its nuclear forces and is expected to deploy a total force of 8,000 warheads by 2026 along with modernizing deep underground bunkers, according to Pentagon officials.
The 8,000 warheads will include both large strategic warheads and thousands of new low-yield and very low-yield warheads to circumvent arms treaty limits and support Moscow's new doctrine of using nuclear arms early in any conflict.

Switzerland Is Well-Prepared For Civilizational Collapse

All around Switzerland, for example, one can find thousands of water fountains fed by natural springs. Zurich is famous for its 1200 fountains, some of them quite beautiful and ornate, but it’s the multiple small, simple fountains in every Swiss village that really tell the story. Elegant, yes, but if and when central water systems are destroyed these fountains are a decentralized and robust system for providing everyone with drinkable water.

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Earth's mysterious hum recorded underwater for 1st time

Far from the blaring cacophony of cities, towns and suburbs, there are far quieter soundtracks to be found -- the murmurs of wind rustling grasses, rushing waves tumbling onto beaches, the creaking of tree branches and trunks.
But underneath all that is yet another soundscape, a permanent, low-frequency drone produced by Earth itself, from the vibrations of ongoing, subtle seismic movements that are not earthquakes and are too small to be detected without special equipment.


Is the flu shot a nationwide IQ test or experiment being run by globalists to “thin the herd” and eliminate people who are stupid enough to line up for flu shots?  One YouTube channel has tackled this very issue, and their take on it is extremely unnerving.
The Health Ranger uploaded a video back in March of 2017 that goes into detail about those willing to get the flu shot.  With this year’s  flu shot boasting a whopping 10% effective rate, it sure seems like those gung-ho for it are incapable of even minute amounts of research.  And coupled with that low rate of efficacy, doctors and those in the media are still saying that you should go get the shot.  So what gives?

Messianic Trump-Cyrus Connection Revealed Through Hebrew Numerology, Bible Codes

Connections between the US president and Persian King Cyrus, recently strengthened by President Donald Trump’s landmark speech acknowledging Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel, have deep roots in Bible Codes and Biblical numerology which link both men to the coming of the Messiah.
President Trump is similar to Cyrus in a number of observable ways, rabbis and commentators have noted. Though separated by 2,500 years, both men rule the greatest nation of their respective eras. Cyrus, like Trump, was powerful and rich but not at all devout. And like Cyrus, Trump supports Jewish national aspirations. Now, a Messianic connection has come to light.

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