Experts say Irma is now so powerful it is registering on devices designed to detect earthquakes. Scientists picked up the background noise of winds causing trees to move and crashing ocean waves on their earthquake-detecting seismometers.  It is expected to become the second powerful storm to thrash the U.S. mainland in as many weeks after devastating Hurricane Harvey. A mandatory evacuation is under way in the Florida Keys. In addition to Irma, Tropical Storm Jose has now formed behind it in the open Atlantic and is expected to develop into a hurricane. A third tropical storm - Katia - has also formed in the Gulf of Mexico with winds but is expected to stay offshore until Friday morning.

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Apocalyptic scenes are playing out across the Sunshine State, as more than a million people flee Hurricane Irma's wrath. Florida Gov. Rick Scott is telling residents in the southern coastal evacuation areas to leave by midnight. In preparation for what is predicted to be the most powerful hurricane to hit the United States in years, an estimated 1.4 million people have been given mandatory evacuation orders in both Florida and Georgia. 

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Australians turn in 26,000 guns in national amnesty

The amnesty began on 1 July to help counter a growing terrorism threat and an influx of arms in the country.
It is illegal to own an unregistered firearm in Australia.
Those caught outside the amnesty period face fines of up to A$280,000 (£172,000, $225,000) and up to 14 years in jail.
The current programme, running until 30 September, means Australians can surrender unregistered firearms and related items without fear of prosecution.

End of Days? Eclipse, Hurricanes, Wildfires, and Now Earthquakes and Tsunami in Mexico

8.4 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico, killing at least six and generating a tsunami. The quake, which was felt as far as Mexico City and Guatemala City, struck 74 miles off the southern Pacific Coast at 12:49 a.m. ET Friday. The United States Geological Survey reported several aftershocks, most registering more than magnitude 5.

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Diamond Exchange announces new currency

The Israel Diamond Exchange (IDE) has announced intentions to launch a new form of virtual currency, the Carats.IO Diamond Currency, which will be backed by diamonds.

The IDE penned an agreement with startup company Carats.IO—owned by Gabriel Diamant—that has developed the technological infrastructure for trading the coin while using IDE data.

Virtual currency have become rather widespread over the past few years, and just recently it was announced six major banks—including Credit Suisse, Barclays and HSBC—will come together to produce their own virtual currency in 2018.

IDE President Yoram Dvash hopes their new currency will be considered an attractive avenue of investment even for people outside of the diamond trade.

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Military preparations ‘underway’ on North Korea, Trump aide says

President Trump is stepping up diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea, and military preparations are “underway” in the event that such action is necessary, a senior administration official told reporters on Wednesday.
“What you’ve seen is a really integrated effort to prioritize diplomatic and informational aspects of national power, but also what you will see soon is using the economic dimension of national power, as well as the military preparations that are underway,” said the official, who requested anonymity.

Puerto Rico seen sliding toward bankruptcy as deadline nears

Bankruptcy for Puerto Rico is looking ever more likely as the clock ticks down toward a May 1 deadline to restructure $70 billion in debt, ramping up uncertainty for anyone betting on returns from the island's widely held U.S. municipal bonds.

When U.S. Congress last year passed the Puerto Rico rescue law dubbed PROMESA, it froze creditor lawsuits against the island so its federally appointed oversight board and creditors could negotiate out of court on the biggest debt restructuring in U.S. municipal history.