Ongoing North Carolina Revival Is Making a Worldwide Impact

The number of people accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior continues to climb at the Burlington Revival in North Carolina.
D.R. Harrison, marketing director for the revival, told CBN News around 500 people have accepted Christ so far in the last eight weeks.

The D.C. Monument Full of Zika Mosquitoes

The newest monument in Washington, D.C., is not a soaring stone obelisk or a bigger-than-life statue but a thigh-high cement birdbath.
Once two tiered, now one, the birdbath is no less apt a symbol of unconscionable inaction in the Capitol three blocks away.

An End-Times Prophecy That's Being Fulfilled Right Now

Many people argue about the signs of the times, if the rapture is real and when the Second Coming will be. But there is one end-times prophecy about Jesus that is unfolding before our very eyes.
Rabbi Jonathan Cahn discusses this reality, the prophetic moment in which we stand. Watch the video and understand this sign of times for yourself.


It started out with hints of official, United States governmental oppression of Christianity as soon as same-sex “marriage” became a bullet point for activists – little things like “discrimination” complaints that those choosing alternative sexual lifestyles somehow weren’t applauded as they thought they deserved.

Then it became confrontational for Christians who were simply choosing to live by their beliefs – beliefs similar to those held by the nation’s founders. Bakers were penalized for not promoting homosexuality, ditto for photographers and venue owners. Government officials publicly vilified their Christian faith and ordered them, in some case, re-educated.


What Is The Government Preparing For?

You may not be getting prepared for a major national disaster, but the government sure is.  I have been informed that in recent months numerous emergency food companies have been contacted by the government, and they have been told that their inventories could potentially be seized in the event of a significant emergency.  And as you will see below, the government recently participated in an exercise that simulated “an unprecedented global food crisis lasting as long as a decade”.  In addition, NPR has just revealed details about the very secretive Strategic National Stockpile program that is storing billions of dollars worth of medical supplies in warehouses around the nation.  This is a program that most Americans do not even know exists.  On top of everything else, strange reports of military vehicles with UN markings have been coming in from all over the nation.  So what in the world is the government up to?  Why are they working so feverishly hard to get prepared?

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Gold Surges Following ‘Brexit’ Decision

Gold prices soared to a two-year high on Friday, after Britain’s decision to leave the European Union sent investors flooding into safe-haven assets.

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African nations at UNHRC call on Israel to 'end the occupation' now

“The African Group calls for putting an immediate end to Israel's occupation, settlements, blockade on two million people in the Gaza Strip, the detention and imprisonment of thousands of Palestinians, and all other forms of collective punishment targeting the oppressed Palestinian people,” the 54-member African Group said in a statement that was delivered by South Africa on their behalf.

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What the Shocking Brexit Decision Reveals About End-Times Prophecies

Did Great Britain's decision to exit the European Union stall the Revelation 13 prophecy of a new world order? 
"One-world government people want countries in groups because they are easier to control that way," Revelation in the News host Zach Drew says.  
But Drew isn't the only one who sees the parallels.  

Where rich people learn how to survive the apocalypse

Blame the Bible. Blame Hollywood: (We're looking at you "X-Men: Apocalypse.") And, of course, blame the hit series "The Walking Dead."
Or skip the blaming altogether and begin to prepare for the apocalypse.
When that dark day comes, the wealthier among us —with their white-collar, dirt-free lifestyles—will be at the biggest disadvantage.

The United States Of Europe: Germany And France Hatch A Plan To Create An EU Superstate

If you believe that the Brexit vote is going to kill the idea of a “United States of Europe”, you might want to think again.  In fact, it appears that the decision by the British people to leave the European Union is only going to accelerate the process of creating an EU superstate.  As you will see below, one of the largest newspapers in the UK is reporting that the foreign ministers of France and Germany have drafted “a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states”.  So even though men like George Soros are warning that the eventual dissolution of the European Union is “practically irreversible” after the Brexit vote, the truth is that the globalists are not about to give up so easily.

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At Least 31 Killed In Istanbul Airport Attack

At least 31 people have been killed in an attack on the main airport in Istanbul, a senior Turkish official has told the Associated Press.
Initial indications suggest Islamic State was behind the attack, the official said.
Figures suggested up to 50 people had been killed - however that has now been downgraded.

Jesus Miraculously 'Appearing to Muslims' All Over Middle East, Says Christian Apologist

Wouldn't it have been amazing to have witnessed a miracle like Moses parting the Red Sea, to have stood among the crowd of thousands fed by Christ using only two fish and five loaves of bread, or to have experienced some similar miracle? Where are today's jaw-dropping spectacles? Are epic wonders only a thing of the past?
In his recent book Unanswered, a volume that was six years in the making and intends to shed light on topics that have gone largely unaddressed within today's Church, apologist and New Testament scholar Jeremiah Johnston assures that, even in modern times, God is still very much on the move when it comes to working miracles.

Wouldn't it have been amazing to have witnessed a miracle like Moses parting the Red Sea, to have stood among the crowd of thousands fed by Christ using only two fish and five loaves of bread, or to have experienced some similar miracle? Where are today's jaw-dropping spectacles? Are epic wonders only a thing of the past?

Wouldn’t it have been amazing to have witnessed a miracle like Moses parting the Red Sea, to have stood among the crowd of thousands fed by Christ using only two fish and five loaves of bread, or to have experienced some similar miracle? Where are today’s jaw-dropping spectacles? Are epic wonders only a thing of the past?


Brexit Bad Omen For “World Order”

The economic story of the past quarter-century was the rapid advance of globalization, the unleashing of trade and commerce among countries rich and poor - a McDonald’s in every European capital, “Made in China” labels throughout Toys R Us. The Brexit vote on Thursday ends that story, at least in its current volume. Voters will soon tell us what sort of sequel they’d prefer.

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ISIS Video Threatens San Francisco, Shows Golden Gate and Skyscraper

A new video released by ISIS today that heavily praised Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen makes specific threats against San Francisco.

The video, released by ISIS in Mosul, rolls images of Mateen and news footage of the Pulse attack on June 12.

Also shown is the footage shot by Larossi Abballa, 25, during his June 13 attack on a French police commander and his family.

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UN military vehicles seen rolling down Virginia interstate

What were United Nations vehicles doing in Virginia on Friday?
That’s what motorists were left to wonder when they saw UN tactical vehicles — with bulletproof glass — on a flatbed truck and rolling down Interstate 81.

Last 10 Months Have Been The Worst Period For Floods AND The Worst Period For Fires In U.S. History

As you read this article, the state of California is being ravaged by gigantic wildfires that are raging wildly out of control, and West Virginia is dealing with a “500 year flood”.  Since last September, the U.S. has been hit by a series of 11 historic floods.  Never before in American history have we seen so many major floods within such a compressed space of time.  And just as the Shemitah year ended last September, massive wildfires began erupting all over the country.  Thanks to that unprecedented outbreak of large fires, 2015 ended up being the worst year for wildfires in all of U.S. history.  And since 2016 began, things have continued to get worse.  As far as the total number of acres burned is concerned, we are more than a million acres ahead of the pace that was set last year.  So why in the world is all of this happening?

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Record-setting heat wave leads to blackouts in L.A.

As of 9:30 p.m., about 6,200 Department of Water and Power customers lost electrical service, department spokeswoman Christy Holland said. 
The vast majority of those experiencing power outages -- about 5,500 customers -- reside in the San Fernando Valley, Holland said. The rest were scattered in pockets across metropolitan L.A.

Scientists Say They Can Recreate Living Dinosaurs Within the Next 5 Years

Don’t we already know how this movie’s going to end?
In a potentially terrifying case of life imitating art, the renowned paleontologist who served as the inspiration for Jurassic Parkprotagonist Dr. Alan Grant is spearheading genetic research that could engineer dinosaurs back into existence within the next five to 10 years, he says.

End of Days Expert Declares: “The Final Redemption is at the Door”

Geula (redemption) is exceedingly near and we need to make others aware of its impending arrival. These are two core messages delivered last week in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel by prolific author and End of Days expert Rabbi Pinchas Winston to an audience of English-speaking olim (immigrants to Israel).
Rabbi Winston compared the urgency with which people need to focus on the forthcoming redemption to having a plane reservation. When a person who has to board a plane at a certain time, everything that day is oriented around the awareness that the most important task of the day is being on that flight at departure time.That’s how concrete becoming focused on geula should be. That’s what it means to have geula-consciousness, he explained.


87% of Venezuelans say they don't have money to buy enough food

Venezuela's economic collapse has led to mass hunger in the country.
In a bombshell New York Times report, Nicholas Casey notes that, according to the most recent assessment of living standards by Simón Bolívar University, a whopping 87% of Venezuelans now say that they don't have money to buy enough food.
Moreover, he reports that 72% of monthly wages are being allocated just to food, according to the Center for Documentation and Social Analysis.

Obama Admin Deletes ISIS References From Orlando 911 Calls

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Sunday that the FBI will delete mentions of ISIS when they release transcripts of the 911 calls Omar Mateen made during his attack on an Orlando nightclub.
When Chuck Todd asked Lynch what was going to be left out of the transcript, she said, “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups and further his propaganda.” Lynch told CNN’s Dana Bash that the whitewashing of the terrorist’s ISIS pledge was being done to “avoid revictimizing those who went through this horror.”

Scott Baio: Obama Might Be a Muslim Who Wants to 'Eliminate' US

Is Chachi angling for a spot as vice president? Mediaite reports Scott Baio went on Fox Business this week and took Donald Trump's claim that "there's something going on"between President Obama and Muslim terrorists to crazy new heights. The actor told host Ashley Webster—who, Crooks and Liars notes, Baio kept calling "Lester" for some reason—that Obama is either dumb, a Muslim, or a Muslim sympathizer. "I don't think he's dumb," Baio clarified. The erstwhile Bob Loblaw also wondered if Obama's secret goal is to “totally eliminate the United States as it was created and founded and the way it is now?” UPROXXsums up: “The star of Zapped is giving history lessons...about world affairs. It’s truly the greatest election we’ve had in the modern era.”

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NRA: Prepare for 'overwhelming' wave of terror

Wayne LaPierre, the executive vice president of the National Rifle Association, took to the airwaves on Sunday to blast efforts by Senate Democrats to pass new gun-control legislation following last week’s terror massacre at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, arguing Democrats need to “leave the good guys alone,” while urging Americans to arm themselves because radical Islamists are “on the verge of overwhelming us.”

“What we’re doing with this debate on the Hill right now, it’s like they’re trying to stop a freight train with a piece of Kleenex,” LaPierre said on CBS’ “Face The Nation.”


What to Expect When Trump Meets 900 Evangelical Leaders Tuesday

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's closed-door meeting Tuesday with 900 top evangelical and social conservative leaders will be a time of questions and answers on issues such as the Supreme Court, sanctity of life and religious freedom, according to an organizer, who said a similar meeting is being discussed also with Trump's rival Hillary Clinton.
"Of the more than 50,000 questions that came in, many of them focused on those three issues. Others focused on issues related to leadership, national security, and faith," Johnnie Moore, the spokesperson for My Faith Votes, a non-partisan organization focused on engaging the 25 million Christians who did not vote in 2012 and one of the two groups behind the meeting, told The Christian Post.


Huge NATO Drills in Poland Prepare West for Possible Conflict With Russia

Red tape marked the explosive charge U.S. soldiers set on the plywood to breach the door to a brick house. Ready to ignite it, they hunkered down along the wall their weapons at the ready.
Repeated shouts of "fire in the hole" rang out, and after a loud boom, the six-man unit dashed into the building. Nearby, British soldiers carefully cleared a brick house room by room as Polish helicopters whirred above.