Iceland Raises Alarm After Largest Volcano Starts to Rumble

Iceland raised the alarm after its largest volcano was hit by the biggest tremors since 1977.
Two quakes larger than 4 in magnitude early Monday rocked the crater of Katla, the country’s Met Office said in a statement. That was followed by at least 10 more tremors at the volcano, which rises 1,450 meters (4,757 feet) into the air on the North Atlantic island’s southern coast.

Tropical depression hits Gulf of Mexico, could drench Florida; 2nd storm nears North Carolina

A tropical depression that formed in the Florida Straits was moving into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico early Monday and the U.S. National Hurricane Center said it could soon become a tropical storm.
The depression's maximum sustained winds were near 35 mph with some strengthening expected during the next two days. Forecasters said it could become a tropical storm later in the day or overnight.

Earthquake Shakes Yellowstone

The U.S. Geological Survey has confirmed a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit about 38 miles east of Hoback in western Wyoming.
The earthquake occurred at about 2:47 p.m. at a depth of 10 km, according to the USGS website.

Massive Group of Black Trucks Spotted in 3 States, Cause Huge Panic

You may have recently seen concerned posts on social media from friends and acquaintances regarding a group of rather ominous looking large black trucks traveling together along the highways of our nation.
The group of trucks, which have no license plates and are painted matte black with a bright yellow radioactive symbol featured along with the words “Mutation Response Vehicle,” have been spotted in at least three states and have sparked conspiratorial worries among some, such as The Denver City Page.

Russia, Iran And Turkey Forming Ezekiel 38 Alliance?

Russia, Iran and Turkey have increasingly improved their political and military cooperation in a bid to tackle Daesh and resolve the Syrian crisis. The China Youth Daily singled out three reasons behind this process. While Moscow and Tehran have long fostered working relations, bilateral ties between Moscow and Ankara were damaged when Turkey, a NATO member and a key Washington ally in the region, downed a Russian bomber in northern Syria. 

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A clown appears to be trying to lure kids into woods in South Carolina

A note some Greenville County residents found on their apartment doors has them concerned for the safety of their neighborhood.
Residents at Fleetwood Manor Apartments on Fleetwood Drive reportedly received letters on Wednesday stating the property management has received complaints of a person dressed as a clown trying to “lure children into the woods.”

Venezuela’s decline prompts exodus

The 44-year-old systems engineer used to make $18 a month in his home town of Barquisimeto, but that was not enough to feed himself and his son given the rampant inflation and chronic scarcities of food and medicine as Venezuela sinks deeper into its economic crisis.

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China Sides With Russia In Syrian War, Will Provide "Aid And Military Training" To Assad

Ever since the return of the Syrian war in 2015, which has seen both US alliance forces and as - of last - September, Russian forces too, jousting for political influence in the region under the guise of fighting ISIS while in reality either seeking to oust or preserve the Assad regime, one major player was missing: China.
That is about to change as the last major superpower enters the world's most volatile - and dangerous - region.

Santiaguito volcano erupts spewing ash 13,000ft in to the air

Santiaguito volcano erupted on August 18 spewing a column of volcanic ash and steam that rose to 13,000 feet over the Guatemalan volcano.

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Over 1,000 whitefish found dead in Yellowstone River

Vicki Schwarz had friends in from out of state, so they decided to float down the Yellowstone River on Sunday afternoon. They put in at Mayor’s Landing near Livingston, six people on the raft. But as the Livingston schoolteacher rowed them along, it became clear something strange was going on.
“I noticed as I was paddling that like every 5 feet I could see a belly-up whitefish,” Schwarz said. “It was really sad. I didn’t know what to tell anyone.”

Evidence of Catastrophic Biblical Flood Found in China?

Chinese scientists have discovered new evidence that points to the biblical account of Noah's flood from thousands of years ago.
Archeologists uncovered the bones of children believed to have been trapped by a flood that ripped through the Yellow River Valley nearly 4,000 years ago. Their bones are dated back to time of Noah, leading some to believe these remains are evidence of the biblical story.

Louisiana Floods Worst Natural Disaster Since Hurricane Sandy

The death toll is rising again from the historic floods in Louisiana. The Red Cross is calling it the worst natural disaster since Superstorm Sandy, with more than 40,000 homes affected by the disaster.

Cleanup has begun as some home and business owners return to find total destruction.

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This temporary tattoo can control your smartphone

Scientists at the MIT Media Lab and Microsoft Research have designed metallic body art that can control and communicate with electronic devices, such as smartphones or laptops.
DuoSkin temporary tattoos, which can be made at home and wash off in a day, use the electrodes present in inexpensive gold leaf to create a conductive surface. The gold leaf and a thin layer of silicone adhere to the body to create an “interface” on the skin that when touched can indicate certain commands to your electronic devices.

California wildfire brings destruction and uncertainty

A ferocious wildfire had swallowed up many homes as it spread across 40 square miles of mountain and desert east of Los Angeles. Exactly how many, however, and to whom they belonged, remained uncertain.
Firefighters were faced with the difficult task of tallying that damage while still battling the huge, unruly blaze.

4 earthquakes rattle Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and New Jersey in 24 hours

Four small earthquakes hit along the New Madrid fault – 2x Missouri, Illinois, Kansas – and one quake struck New Jersey between August 7 and August 8, 2016.
The U.S. Geological Survey says a 2.3 magnitude earthquake hit near Caruthersville, MO around 9:15 p.m. on August 7, 2016. This first quake was followed by a M1.0 in New Jersey, a M2.4 near Albion, Illinois on August 8, as well as a M1.0 in New Jersey, a M2.7 in Caldwell,Kansas, and a M2.6 near East Prairie, Missouri, on August 9, 2016.

The Religious System's Fight Against Revival: A Threat Is Coming to the Church

The reformation that revival will facilitate will cause quite a resistance even from many of the most devoted believers due to some significant threats to their comfort zones.
It's important to understand that a religious spirit is the force behind anything that might resist a costly revival.

Palm Beach County has first case of locally-acquired Zika virus

The first case of locally-acquired Zika virus has arrived in Palm Beach County.
Gov. Rick Scott said Monday the infected person recently traveled to Miami-Dade County, ground zero for an outbreak of Zika acquired through domestic mosquitoes. State health officials are attempting to determine where the unidentified person contracted the virus.

Largest fish kill in 10 years in Nueva Venecia, Colombia

Fish, fish and fish… Dead at the surface of the water! This is what fishermen of Nueva Venecia, Colombia, are currently reporting again.
Tons of them are floating on the water. According to officials, they all died from lack of oxygen. But due to what? Pollution? They don’t want to say more!
These fish are the main economic resource for thousands of families living in villages around.

Alaska earthquake "swarm" probably not earthquakes at all

Earlier this summer, the scientists at the Alaska Earthquake Center began monitoring a swarm of small earthquakes in an area about eight miles west of Mt. Spurr. According to State Seismologist Dr. Michael West, they probably aren’t earthquakes at all.
Hundreds of small seismic events have been registered in the area since June 11, with almost 100 of the recordings exceeding magnitude 2.
“That catches our attention,” says West, “because magnitude 2 is big enough that you’re being recorded, you can see that signal a few hundred kilometers away.”

Brexit was nothing compared to what's coming

The last two months alone have seen Britain leaving the European Union, terror attacks, cop killings, Deutsche Bank nearly collapsing, the German long term interest rates set at negative, to name a few.
But over the next couple of years, it’s going to get a whole lot worse. As economies worsen, there will be more social unrest, more angry people, and crazier politicians. Somebody will try to come along on a white horse to save us all, but she usually makes it worse.

Iran ex-president writes to Obama demanding frozen funds

Former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, rumoured to be planning a political comeback, has asked Barack Obama to return $2 billion of assets frozen in the US in a letter made public Monday.
Ahmadinejad wrote that despite early promises by the US president to improve ties with Iran "the same hostile policies along with the same trend of enmity were pursued".


The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. Psalm 72:10
In a move some believe has prophetic significance, hundreds of African kings, many of them with Jewish roots, are heading to Israel this October to observe the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot.
The effort is led by King Ayi of Togo, with an eye toward rediscovering the Jewish roots of many tribal people who believe they are part of the diaspora. They will observe the feast at the Western Wall, believed to be the only remaining retaining wall of the Second Temple Mount. The kings plan to sing out their love for Israel and strengthen their faith that the Messiah is coming soon.


Billy Graham Answers: How to Know If Your Church Is a Cult

So you're at a church, eyeing fellow attendees who seem really into the music or really exclusive. You begin to wonder, "What did I just walk in to?" 
Maybe the congregation is just an odd church. But there's a chance the group could be something more.  
A concerned reader asked Billy Graham a similar question: "My neighbor keeps inviting me to her church (although they don't call it that), but someone told me it's a cult. How can I know? I didn't come from a religious family." 

'Faceless Recognition System' Can Identify You Even When You Hide Your Face

With widespread adoption among law enforcement, advertisers, and even churches, face recognition has undoubtedly become one of the biggest threats to privacy out there.
By itself, the ability to instantly identify anyone just by seeing their face already creates massive power imbalances, with serious implications for free speech and political protest. But more recently, researchers have demonstrated that even when faces are blurred or otherwise obscured, algorithms can be trained to identify people by matching previously-observed patterns around their head and body.